Monday, May 9, 2016

Now taking orders on my beads - for a short time.

As long as you are not in too much of a hurry, I am going to be taking orders on certain of my beads - mainly the small pressed bracelet style beads.   This offer will last until the end of May, (unless my hands give out earlier).   If  there is something of mine that you like and it is not in the photos below, please send me a private message through Facebook, and we can discuss it.  If you see something you would like to order - do the same, send a private message through Facebook.
Shipping is $3.00 US to Canada, $4.50 US to continental United States, and $12.00 US for all other international. If your parcel weighs more than the above amount covers, then there will be an increase in the shipping amount.  Payment by paypal only.

Fly Me To The Moon  (2 beads minimum)

Here Comes The Sun (2 beads minimum)

Puppy Love  (2 beads minimum) other colours available.

Folk Art Style Chickens  (2 beads minimum)

Folk Art Style Shorebird  (2 beads minimum)

Colour Fun  (2 beads minimum)

Ladybug Garden  (2 beads minimum)

Kitty Beads  (2 beads minimum) other base colours available.

Guardians  (2 beads minimum) black or ivory.

Blackbirds (2 beads minimum)other base colours available.

June 2/16. The "made to order" sale is now over, and thank you so much to those of you who placed orders - I am still working my way through them, but I will get to them all eventually!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Vacation is Over

Wow - December sure went by quickly!  My self imposed "time out" is over waaayyy to soon.  I decided to take an on-line painting course by Jodi Ohl, and I loved it!!  I knew I had to do something standing up, as my tail bone issue is just not going away, and painting seemed like just the ticket. I took her "Funky Little Cityscapes" course.  Here are a few of my finished ones.

These two and the one below are for my sister.  The others will be put on
the walls in my studio to brighten it up

I have listed a few oval holed Regaliz type beads on Lampwork Bead Market and on Artisan Lampwork Beads for Sale.

My studio has been re-vamped so that I can stand up and torch, so just as soon as the weather gets out of the "minus" Celsius range I will be back at it making beads.

Thanks for stopping in.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Taking a break!

Because of various health related issues, I have decided to take a break this December from torching.  I should be refreshed and ready to bounce back with lots of new beads in the New Year!
In the meantime, here is a little "eye candy" from my November torch sessions.
Black rounds with black metallic shards.

Colour Fun, this time in a lentil shape.

From a new series called "Forest Floor". I plan to do
a lot more of this type in the new year.

More Forest Floor beads.

An old favourite - my "Guardian" series.

A new take on an old bead style.  I love
adding the kitties to these beads.

This is one of my most favourite Little Missy beads ever!

Puppy Love - more of these to come in January too.

Another old favourite - Tree Tops.
I hope you all have a great December, and I hope to see you back here in January 2016.  Thanks for stopping in.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

So much for good intentions!

I had really planned to blog a lot more than I have - I have been busy, and had a few health issues - enough said.

Anyway, it has been a few weeks of cats, cats, and more cats.  Quite some time ago - over 2 years -  I purchased a cat tutorial from Cornelia Schmidt on Etsy (she doesn't have it there any more, so you would have to convo her and see where she sells it now). I recently started playing around with it again and was not happy with the results I was getting using her exact instructions.  So I spent a couple of days and a few rods of glass to see how I could change it to something I felt was more in line with my ideas.  Here are a few (lots) of pictures of my results.  I am selling them on Face Book  - here is a link to one of the sites. Lampwork Bead Market.  You have to sign up and be approved before you can see what is listed, the same with the other ones - Artisan Lampwork Beads For Sale; Lampwork Beads For Sale; and there are lots more, but for me, those 3 work the best.
Beach Yowl

Black Cats, White Cats

Cat Splash

Lady in Red

Lost Mittens

Midnight Choir

Sunrise Serenade

and my favourite - The Owl & The Pussycat.
Thanks for stopping in!

Sunday, July 12, 2015


I am hosting a "giveaway" for a set of 5 of my Folk Art Style Chicken beads on Facebooks "Artisan Lampwork Beads for Sale".  If you wish to enter please go to that site and join (you will have to join to comment).  Thanks!

front side

reverse side

Friday, April 24, 2015

New Beads

Although all these beads have been sold, I thought you might enjoy looking at what I have been doing lately.
I have decided to give up all the craft fairs and shows, as it is impossible for me to make the beads into wearable jewellery due to the arthritis in my hands. Fortunately, as long as I am careful and pace myself, I am still able to make the beads.  I still have one show left to do, but that is with my show partner, so the pressure is off me and on to her!  Lol.
Anyway, on to the beads!

Beach Party



Forget the Siesta

Forget the Siesta (slightly different version)

French Tablecloth

Summer Favourites

Teatime in Tijuana

Well, that is a quick look at my favourites from the last month or so.  I hope you enjoyed the show!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Encasing glass beads.

It has taken me many years to figure out how to do the "all in one" aka "big swipe" (not sure what the correct term is) type of encasing, but I finally got it yesterday.  For some reason it finally clicked.  Am I proud of myself? You betch!

Basically, you let the bead cool a bit, but not enough to crack, and keeping it warm in the upper part of the flame you then melt a huge clear gather, 2 - 3 times the size of the bead, and literally let it drop onto, and swipe it on the bead. Phew!

This a small set that I have done with that type of encasing - no bubbles!!!! (or only very minimal anyway) lol.

These beads can be found on the Facebook Lampwork Bead Market.

Here is another set that is on Lampwork Bead Market too.  This was not the same type of encasing - this was partial encasing.

Thanks for dropping in.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

More beads listed on Face Book

Our glass bead group has a challenge each month, and last months was to make a/some beads decorated with just dots and to use as many colours as possible.  My Colour Fun series of beads was my interpretation, and they really are fun to make.  These two sets are available in the Lampwork Bead Market on Face Book.

A Touch of Africa

Colour Fun
Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you have a great day.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New beads/eye candy!

It has been a while, but with assorted health problems I just haven't had the time to be on here.  Anyway, I am here now, and have lots of eye candy for you to look at.  Unfortunately most of these have been sold already, but a few are still available in my Etsy shop.

Circus Twist

Colour Fun

Country Quail


High Seas (available in my Etsy shop)

Juicy Smoothies (available in my Etsy shop)

Cherry Blossom Bonsai
I have been selling my beads lately on Face Book in the Lampwork Bead Market venue.  Lots of great beads by lots of great artists - take a look, but you have to sign up to sell or bid.
Thanks for dropping in, and I hope you have a great day!