Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Show Review

This last weekend was the annual Cedar Yellow Point Christmas Studio Tour.  As usual, we decorated up our barn/my workshop, and the short walk up to it.  It looked very "fairyland" like, with a path and lights through the trees.  I didn't get any pics of the outside, but you can probably see some from a year ago here on the blog.  We had 418 people come through the studio, and our driveway definitely looks like it!  Thankfully the weather held up, and there was no rain or snow as there was in previous years.

Here are a few pics of the inside, with the various vendors I had there.  I apologize for the poor quality of the photos - the lighting is not great for taking pics.  I tried to get out the yellow with my "paintshop" program, but I'm just not very proficient with it.

An overall view taken with my back to my torch area.

Herb Garden Pottery by Vicki Forkin.

My daughters soap - people came back for more.

Lampwork and vintage cutlery bracelets/jewellery by Judy Baun.
A portion of my set up.

Another portion of my set up.

Yet another portion of my set up.

Closer view of my new "antiqued brass" pieces.

The above three photos are some of the new "Regaliz" bracelets I
made for the show.  I was pleased that they sold very well, and will
definitely be making more.
That is the only Christmas craft fair/show I am doing this year - so now I can enjoy the rest of the year.  Yay!!

Thanks for stopping in.