Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Taking a break!

Because of various health related issues, I have decided to take a break this December from torching.  I should be refreshed and ready to bounce back with lots of new beads in the New Year!
In the meantime, here is a little "eye candy" from my November torch sessions.
Black rounds with black metallic shards.

Colour Fun, this time in a lentil shape.

From a new series called "Forest Floor". I plan to do
a lot more of this type in the new year.

More Forest Floor beads.

An old favourite - my "Guardian" series.

A new take on an old bead style.  I love
adding the kitties to these beads.

This is one of my most favourite Little Missy beads ever!

Puppy Love - more of these to come in January too.

Another old favourite - Tree Tops.
I hope you all have a great December, and I hope to see you back here in January 2016.  Thanks for stopping in.