Thursday, March 24, 2011


What does Spring mean to you?  To me, it means all the plants coming back to life.  It is great to see them poking their little heads out of the ground, and the tiny green buds appearing on the trees.  (We won't mention all the pesky bugs though).  I love the gradual lessening of Winter's bite in the air - so nice to go around without a big bulky coat.
My husband and I took a trip this morning and picked up a load of posts.  It seems that many of our fence posts are rotting off in the ground, and the fence is in danger of falling over.  Sheesh - you would think they would last longer than 20 yrs!  LOL.  So I guess to my husband Spring means work!
Our poor old truck is looking like it is in danger of blowing a tire or something - those suckers are heavy.  As I looked at the picture I suddenly realized "how in the @#$% are we going to get those out of there?"  One at a time I guess.

Heather growing on our rock wall - when I first planted it 15 years ago, it was a Fall blooming plant, and for some reason, over the years, it has gradually changed to a Spring bloomer.

Hope you are having a great Spring day!


EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Good luck with all those posts - way to much work for me :) Love that picture of the wall and the heather - gorgeous!

Sandi said...

Spring is my favorite season...the heather is gorgeous.

Hot Rocks said...

Spring to me, is the emergence of life and color after everything has been sleeping for several months. (Longer in some provinces than others!)Still loads of snow in my neck of the woods, very envious of your Spring blooms on the Island. I will be out on the Island in 4 weeks, so I will experience Spring then!