Friday, August 5, 2011

Market Day

Today was market day and I decided to change the colour of the top drape for my booth.  A lot of people have been complaining that the white is too bright in the sun in the afternoon - now that we finally have sun here in the northwest. I had a lovely white on white brocade top drape, but if it is too bright it will put the customers off.  I really like this plum colour, and I used it for the first time today, and of course someone had to drip grease on it in two places - grrrrrr!!!!  I don't have time to wash it before tomorrows market, but I can turn it around front to back - sure hope the grease comes out.

The other pictures are of the other market stalls before all the customers arrive - and it looks like I caught someone in the process of just setting up.

The flowers are sold by the lady next to me - The Cookie Lady - she makes the most delicious cookies, and is my downfall.  She also brings fresh cut flowers in the summer, and I spied a lovely purple bouquet that would have looked great on my table, but by the time I had my wallet out someone had already bought it - drat!  I'll have to be quicker next week.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Hot Rocks said...

I love the market...that is the Nanaimo one right? I am heading out to the island on Saturday for 2 weeks, perhaps I will pop by that market, while I am out there.

Jane Perala said...

Hope you can make it, I'm looking forward to seeing you! It starts at 10am and ends at 2pm on Friday.

Pretty Things said...

OH, I hate being next to a food person! I'm always afraid people make a beeline for the food and overlook the eye candy!

I do like your new booth -- White is tough in the sun, which is why I use purple on the bottom and cream on the top to kind of tone it.

Hope it was a good day for you~

Wendy said...

Your booth looks very nice! I just did my very first craft show/market and plan to do more! I was right next to the Kettle Corn booth and since it was cold that morning I was happy because his oven warmed us up, lol. BTW, love, love your glass beads! :)