Friday, September 9, 2011

Organics in Abundance

I recently purchased a lampwork recipe e-book from Jacqueline Parks aka Gems in Bloom, and have been enjoying making "organics" with her recipes.  It is amazing how the same glass can be used by so many lampworkers, and each one comes up with a different interpretation -  even if you try to make the beads like the samples that she shows, they never turn out the same.

All these beads were made with basically dark ivory, silver foil, and intense black.  Some of them have a base of a slightly different colour, but more or less all the same.

I was at the Downtown Nanaimo Farmers Market today, and it sure was windy.  I was really glad that my tent back was tied to the outside railing, and that I had weights on the ftont.  Now that the children are all back in school, I sure notice that the number of customers has dropped dramatically - however sales were about the same overall.  Tomorrow - another town, another market!

Have a great weekend all!


stacilouise said...

Now these are totally my style! I am so loving these. You really push yourself to learn new things all the time, I am so impressed!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beads!!! Where is your market tomorrow? If its close by I might swing by!! :)


glasswork said...

wonderful beads

Daniela Ellenberger said...

Jane, I love your organics!
Greetings Daniela

Hot Rocks said...

Those are amazing, Jane! They look like planets.