Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kiln Woes! And Joys!

My Jen-Ken Chilipepper kiln

Last year my oxygen concentrator went on the fritz and had to be shipped all the way across the country to be fixed - fortunately it was under warranty.  This year my kiln has decided to call it quits - not under warranty.  However in talking to the manufacturers, I think it is just needing a new element - and one is now on it's way, and is apparently quite easy to install.  It was so fortunate that the kiln decided to quit after my shows and not before.  This got me thinking about how dependant I am on my equipment, so I have decided to purchase another kiln - a brick lined one this time.  I have always wanted a brick lined kiln, so I could do things such as glass fusing, PMC, and such.  So a new Paragon Bluebird XL is on it's way - yippee!!

My new Paragon Bluebird XL
 Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to me . . . . .la la lala!  LOL!


Alice said...

I'm glad you can get your current kiln fixed. But that Bluebird kiln looks amazing!

I'll be waiting to see what new things you make with the new one.

Courtney said...


Lori Anderson said...

Oh congrats! I have a ChiliPepper and always run out of room.

Hot Rocks said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift to yourself. Merry Christmas, Jane!

Jane Perala said...

Well, the honeymoon is definately over!!! The new kiln and I are having issues. When it is holding at garage temperature it spikes up to 14 degrees above the programmed hold. I have contacted the seller and the manufacturer, and not sure if I am going to get much satisfaction. I really want this kiln to work, but I want it to work properly.