Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Season of Markets

My booth

View to the left of my booth

View across from me
Although the Friday market in down town Nanaimo has been going for a few weeks now, last week was my first time for this 2012 season.  The photos above are of my booth and other adjacent booths, and although it was before opening time of 10:00 am, there were already people starting to wander around shopping.  Sales for me were about average and the weather was good, so I was happy.

My granddaughter walked down to visit me in the afternoon, so that made things even better :O)

I have a new earring display - you can see it on the left of my table.  It is a louvred shutter that we cut down and painted.  It looks like it is falling over in the photo, but I think that is an optical illusion - I'll check tomorrow!

Unfortunately rain is forecast for tomorrow, but I will still go as I promised a customer I would be there.

Have a great weekend!


Tina Holden said...

Hi Jane,
looks like a big turnout with vendors! Hope things go well and that the weather plays along. I use the same shutter for my earrings and when there is a bit of wind those things can move, so my hubby stabilized it with some 2 by 4 screwed on so that it can be clamped to the table. I kind of wish mine wasn't grey (came like that). I should have bought pine, lol, but the price was cheaper for plastic. Good luck with the market!

Jane Perala said...

I was worried about wind too as it gets really windy down by the water. We have a system that slips in the back side and clamps onto the table - works great.

Hot Rocks said...

Have a great weekend, hope the market is successful! Iwill be on the island for a month, mid July to mid Aug. I hope to pop down for the market while I am there.