Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fibre Show & Bead Show Review

Bright and early yesterday I, and 3 friends piled in the car and boarded the 7:45 am ferry to Vancouver to see the Fibres West fibre show, and the Fraser Valley Bead show.  The fibre show was held in Cloverdale, and the bead show in Coquitlam.  I drove and the other 3 were my navigators - thankfully one of them had brought a great GPS system.  I don't mind the driving, but I am useless at navigation!

The Fibres West show was fantastic, and I spent enough to keep a small country afloat!  I think the other three also spent their fair share too.

Merino roving, BFL spun yarn, merino and other fibres batts.

Merino roving and silk "hankies" and silk sliver.

Merino roving and silk.

BFL pre-felts.
I just love all the fantastic colours, and I was thrilled with the selection available at the show.  That is definitely one show that I will go to again.

I was however, a little disappointed in the bead show.  The number of vendors was dramatically down, and only about 3 lampworkers were showing their work.  There was't a lot of quality silver findings - or for that matter cheap base metal findings.  Hopefully the show in the fall will be a bit better in terms of vendors.
I still managed to spend a bit though!

Clockwise from the top.  Bead "changers" by Melanie Rowe; sterling silver wire from Capilano;
fish, bell flower and flower charms and findings from a seller that I can't remember the name;
 a beautiful sea star bead by Stephanie Dielman (I love her work); and some antiqued brass
 chain from Bedrock Supplies.
So all in all, we had a great day!  Today I am just going to take it easy and put away all my goodies from the shows.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Heather Woollove said...

What a wonderful, colorful haul!

somethingunique said...

nice Haul....xox