Monday, July 15, 2013

My Sister Wants to Know . . . . . .

I got a call from my sister a few minutes ago, and she wants to know  "Were you really thinking about Julie Andrew's dancing around a mountain meadow?" (In reference to a recent set of beads posted here)

She wonders if the stories I sometimes tell about my beads are real or if I just make this "s##t" up? LOL

So for all of you wondering where it comes from, here is the scoop.  While I am making my beads I let my brain just free associate (I think that is the correct term).  I don't have on any music or other distractions, so I try to come up with a name for the beads, by just letting my mind wander where it will.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

In the case of the Alpine Meadow beads, I thought that the flowers looked a little like Edelweiss flowers, which led me to mountain tops, which led me to mountain meadows, and the scene from Sound of Music and on to Julie Andrew's.  The blue colour helped a little as well, because I thought about the sky in the background, and if I remember correctly, she may have been wearing  blue dress?  Maybe I should cease and desist with the stories - I think they may make me sound like a bit of a sap sometimes! lol

But on to the question as to whether I make some of it up . . . . . .  possibly, when I am stuck for a name, shhhh.

Sorry, no bead pics today - this is one of the Spring flowers in our garden.
I think I showed it earlier in the year - but it is pretty.


Anonymous said...

Too funny ! Maybe you are a sap but that's what I love about you !
- Sister Sally

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

We saps are gonna rule the planet one day, Jane!

Jane Perala said...

Yeah - saps rule!

Carol D. said...

Haha! Leave it to a sister to question you. So funny!