Saturday, January 11, 2014

Back in the saddle!

Well, it was a slow autumn, that is for sure.  Both in the blogging and torching categories.  Anyway, I am now back at my torch, and have a couple of bead sets to show you.

Mediterranean Splash.  These are now in my Etsy shop. The colour
is actually a lot more aqua than show here.  Not sure if it is my camera that
doesn't like aqua, or my computer monitor.

Purple Poppies.  I haven't listed these as yet, because I can't
decide whether to etch them or not.  They are made with a
base of clear glass, with decoration in cream, purple and "Terra" glass.
What do you think?

I also treated myself to a few new presses in December - a Christmas present to me from me!  I couldn't decide which hearts I wanted, so I purchased all the ones I was interested in.  One of them I think will be too big, but I am sure I can find a home for it.

Three heart presses from Bavarian Beads in Germany.
Here's hoping that I can be a little more prolific this year, both with the blogging and the torching.
Bye for now!


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I can't imagine how etching could make these more beautiful than they are already, Jane :)

Jane Perala said...

Thank you Monique. I posted them on Facebook and asked the same question - and the answer was a resounding "no". So I guess I will leave them as is.

Hot Rocks said...

Happy New Year Jane! Sometimes it's good for the soul to take a break from it all. I know I have!