Sunday, November 30, 2014

Update - shows, beads and health - not necessarily in that order!

Well, it has certainly been a long time since I posted anything here.  As you may (or not) know, I have developed a problem with my hands.  It turns out it is arthritis - bummer!  The doctor says I am not yet a candidate for surgery, and all I can do at this point is to control the pain with pain meds (Tylenol, Ibuprophen, etc.) and wear a special brace.  He has ordered the brace, and hopefully it will arrive soon.  Then I have to keep getting my hands checked every 6 months or so.  I think when I go to get the brace fitted I will ask him about exercises, and if I am doing any damage with torching.  The slogan "Use it or lose it" keeps going through my mind - not sure if it applies here or not.

This arthritis is not good news for bead making, but I have managed to get some small beads made that I have put into sets. (Thank you to Daniel and Jenelle of Beads and Botanicals for their excellent colour recipes tutorial).
I have put these sets on Etsy, and below are a few pics.

Cranberry Bliss - the colours reminded me of that tasty Starbuck's
treat of the same name.

Frosted Berries - I have several similar sets listed, but this one
is my favourite.


I am not sure just how much I will be able to torch - time will tell.  I plan to carry on as much as I can, although I will not be taking any orders, and making jewellery is just too painful, so that will probably put a halt to most of the shows I do.  Not many people wish to purchase beads if they are not jewellery makers.  I tried it once a few years ago, and all I ended up doing was making the beads up into pendants for the customers who purchased them.

I did my one Christmas show a week ago - the Cedar Yellow Point Artisans Studio Tour.  It was great, even if I didn't have a whole lot of new things, and surprisingly my sales were up from last year.  Sorry - I forgot to take pictures!

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