Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Necklaces

I have been working on this style of necklace for about a year now - ever since I purchased some leather cord and then didn't have any idea what to do with it!   It has taken many "trys" and many "tear aparts" to get to where I am finally pleased with the designs.  The large beads in the middle are hollow, and I posted a picture of some of the beads in a previous blog post.  I think they have a very ethnic or tribal look about them, so now I have to figure out a name for them.  Any ideas?  They are just a tad longer than choker length, and I will provide an extender chain if requested.  These necklaces will be going to the show this weekend - hope they are a success.

After the show season is finished at the end of November, I am planning on making more of this style of bead for my Etsy shop - so let me know if you are interested.

Have a great rest of the week.


Pretty Things said...

GORGEOUS. They'll sell like hotcakes.

Regina said...

They are beautiful, I agree, they will sell like hot cakes, love the colors, so earthy and primal.

gemsinbloom said...

I love them too, African Marbles? hehe

Jane Perala said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments - I hope they don't sell too quickly this weekend, as I have another show in two weeks. I must be crazy!