Monday, November 8, 2010

So Very Tired!

I have just finished a three day Christmas Craft fair here in Nanaimo, and I am exhausted.  Spending three days smiling and laughing is just too much for me - LOL.  My sister very kindly volunteered to help me for the full three days - what a great sister!  We laughed so hard sometimes that we ended up crying - I think some of the customers must have wondered what on earth was happening.

I am not at all pleased with my booth this year - I think it is the white necklace stands/busts/boards.  They are great for summer, but I think that in winter I need to get more black ones for display.  I also think I need a softer colour than the black top cloth I have been using for the winter shows - maybe a lovely rust, or perhaps a deep plum - what do you think?  I would love some feedback.  Anyway here is a very poor picture of my booth.  The black backdrop is the promoters choice - I wish they would have silver/gray or something like that.

Right now I think I am going to go and make a cup of tea, and sit and read for a while.  Tomorrow I will be out in the studio again making beads for the studio tour coming on November 18 - 22.

Bye for now.


Regina said...

Enjoy your tea, I know jewelry shows can be both exhilarating and exhausting and you had three days of it. I like your display, everything is visible for the shopper, but I can see what you mean with the white necks, maybe grey would be better against the black drop.

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

I also like your display and I think you are right about having black stands for the wintertime. I think still use the black table cloth, but have a small table cloth/runner on top of the black (plum or burgandy). Enjoy and relax now that your show is over with. I am glad you and your sister had a great time!

Pretty Things said...

I've been told that black reads "stay away" to customers -- got that at a booth makeover seminar. They said if you must have black, use a light topper on the top so your jewelry shows up and gives off a "touch me" vibe.

Another thought on the busts -- sometimes certain beads don't show well on black, so a person I know takes large muslin squares, lays it over the top of the bust, then ties it around the base with raffia or twine (is that visualizing correctly?). The effect is a "ghosting" of the black through the muslin, the jewelry shows up, but it's not stark white, and the display is unique. Knowing your beads, it would look great, too~!

Hot Rocks said...

Shows are exhausting! I have one this weekend...3 days. I think your booth looks lovely, but if you wanted to add something to make it warmer for winter, how about using brown wooden displays or those natural jute covered busts, with rich, warm tones and luxurious, heavier textures, like velvet in your tablecloths and props etc?

Jane Perala said...

Thanks for all your suggestions everyone. I purchased a couple of pieces of fabric that I will experiment with for the next show. It is a studio tour here at home, so I will have a couple of days to "play" around with the display.