Thursday, June 23, 2011


Most of the 5 acres on which I live is in evergreen woods, however around the house we have a bit of "tamed" area.  These two shrubs are some of the lovely ones that come out at this time of year.  They are however a couple of weeks late this year, with all the cold weather we have been having.  The last couple of days have been quite nice, but the weatherman says we are in for some more rain!!  So these lovely shrubs will probably break many of their branches with the weight of their saturated blossoms.

The white orange blossom is right beside our front steps and the smell is just incredible - quite intoxicting in fact.  A few years ago we chopped it right back and divided it up and planted them in various locations around the property - it's really pretty.

Sorry, no beads today.  I have been trying to get over this cold, and haven't felt like lighting the torch.  I did manage to get out there today for a couple of hours and got some orders done - not that they can go anywhere with this @#$%& Canada Post strike on.

However I have been working on something else, and will probably show the reveal in the next few days - if it works, that is!

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somethingunique said...

Hey Jane, OMG i have a few choice words to add to that, but i will remain polite @*%$#&(&^$#!!!!!!! i want my stuff dang it i have a festivl in 3 weeks whew!! there i said it and remained polite!! & i sure hope you feel well soon my friend lot's of vitamin "C" and lots and lots of water ok flush that thing out of you!!
take care ttfn Lana >^.^<