Monday, November 21, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder - maybe??

I'm so sorry for my absence from the blog world - I just figured something had to get put aside while I got through the shows so I wouldn't be a total basket case.

The above photo is from the Nanaimo Professional Craft Fair which was on Nov 4 - 6.  My daughter feels that with the show's black draping my booth is too dark, and I think she is right.  Several times I had someone bring a friend back to my booth, and the friend said  "how did I miss this one".  So I think I will be going back to my ivory brocade table covers - I was just so tired of them, but they are a lot lighter and brighter.

Sales were down for me about 25%, which is not good.  However several other jewellers stated that their sales were the same as last year, so who knows - it's all just a guessing game anyway.  I haven't decided yet if I will do the show again next year, or take a year off and do another venue.  I have asked for a corner booth next year, so perhaps if I can get that then I will do it again.  Decisions, decisions!


Alice said...

Your booth looks elegant and festive. Maybe more lighting would help grab their attention......

Last Christmas I had white tablecloths, a gauzy light blue fabric weaved in and out of the props, and silver and light blue accents. It was lovely and I hope I can do that again this year.

What is the metal backdrop you have? I'm looking for some height, something I can attach lights to. The gallery I sell at once a month has terrible lighting and I'm afraid my jewelry is difficult to see, even on a lighter tablecloth.

Shows are always a guessing game. For the first two years I sold very well at the gallery, but the last two years have been way down. Considering I drive 70+ miles each way, plus I need a helper to carry the heavy stuff, I'm wondering if it is worth it. I'm searching for other ways to sell my jewelry, especially after I added up the dollar value of my unsold stock this past weekend. It's rather frightening.

Jane Perala said...

Thanks Alice. The show actually has several spot lights per booth that shine down from each standard at the front, and my overhead lights work pretty well - I think it is just all the black that absorbs whatever light there is.

The metal shelving on the left in the photo are 3 pieces that I picked up at a couple of garage sales - I'm always on the lookout for pieces that are suitable - and they fold up and work great together. The grid on the right is actually one long/tall grid that my husband cut in two and put together with a couple of hinges - works great for button cards and earring cards. I think you can get the grids at most retail supply stores.

Hot Rocks said...

The show I did on the weekend, was slower than last year. I spoke to several vendors who said the same...definetley down from last year...but the show I did a few weeks ago...for me was better than last year! So who knows!