Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Beads, New computer, and lost email addresses!

First, let's deal with the pleasant item - the beads!  I had so much fun making these little Folk Art style fishie beads.  Lots of fun and happy colours!   These two sets can be found in my Etsy shop.

I also have some green Spring  leaves and some very dark purple (almost black) cherry blossom rounds.

Now for the more unpleasant items.  My computer was giving me all kinds of strange messages, and everyone said "I think it is time for a new computer" - not words I wanted to hear.  I am not very computer literate and have been dreading this day.  So last Friday, I enlisted my daughter's help and we went shopping.  I found an "all-in-one" that I really liked, and purchased it.  The computer part is in the monitor - no tower.  By the time I had finished adding the transfer of data, the set up fee, the warranty (which did include an anti-virus), and all the taxes, the original price of 699.00 had nearly doubled!!!  WOW - expensive.  However, when I think back to when I purchased my first computer, I think I paid about $3,500.00 - thankfully the prices have come down since then.

I left the computer at the shop and went back the next day with the old one so they could do the transfer of data, then went back later in the day to pick everything up.  We started to set it up at home and found the power cord was missing - so back to the store to pick up the cord.  This store is 30 minutes from home, and this was the 3rd time in that day -  grrrr.

My daughter came over and helped me set it all up and gave me a hand putting in all my programs that the store didn't transfer over.  I am so glad she was here, as one of the programs (Corel Photo Album) completely deleted my D-drive - wtf???  Yes, we had to go back to the store again on Sunday and have them do their magic and put back the D-drive so we could finish downloading my other programs.  In total, we went back and forth to the store (30 minutes one way) five times - I knew I wouldn't like getting a new computer!!

Unfortunately, one of the items that was not transferred over was my email list - yes, they are all gone!  So that means no more personal updates for my Etsy shop - sorry!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at my bead pictures.


EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Love those new beads! I feel your pain about the computer...I hate all the hoop jumping you must go through with a new computer. I know the next time we get a new computer we are getting a Mac! I hope the new one is doing better than the old one. Take care and have a great week!

Donna said...

Hi Jane, lovely beads! sorry about the computer. I'm dreading the day mine crashes...have a good weekend.