Monday, January 7, 2013

I have a cold - AGAIN!!!!

I suspect that I don't get out often enough to charge up my immune system.  This is the second cold this season.  I think that working by myself in my "Little Hut in the Woods", as my father used to say, is not helping my health.

Came down with the dreaded sore throat, sniffles, sneezes, etc on Saturday, and it is well and truly entrenched now.  I just hope it is better by the weekend, as I have an Island Fireflies meeting to go to on Saturday - and I love those meetings.

Not much new to show you right now, but I will leave you with a couple of photos - the first one is a set of Folk Art Style Chicken beads for a customer, and the second and third photos are of more of the new flower head pins from my new press.

I hope you have a good week - and don't catch a cold!!

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AliMc said...

Your chickens are so fun :)