Monday, February 11, 2013

Crawling out from "under".

Wow - that was the "worst sick" I have been for a very long time (excuse the bad grammar).  I lost most of January and the first week of February - next October I am definitely getting the flu shot!

Anyway, I finally started torching again last week - just a few hours a week, because I am tiring very quickly, and am still coughing quite a bit.
These two new sets are going in my Etsy shop shortly.


Meditation Pools
If you are one of my many customers that are patiently waiting for orders, please bear with me a little longer.  I am working on my orders along with making items for the Etsy shop.  I find that if I only work on orders, my  mojo, inspiration, enthusiasm, or whatever it is called, gets very stultified and I just don't want to go out to the studio.  I guess it makes it more work than play - and I am at the age where I want to play more than I want to work, lol.  So thanks for being so patient.

Hopefully I will be able to blog more too!


somethingunique said...

Oh geeesh sorry my friend...and it's not to late for this year...flu season runs into May....xox glad your better :)

la mar de bonita said...

Those sets are great - couldn't decide which one I like more!

FeltersJourney said...

Gorgeous colours!
I find the same thing.. even though I love custom orders if I only work on them I lose my mojo.. you need freedome to play.
Hope you are back to full fitness soon