Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall show review

I didn't manage to get many pictures at all this time at the Fall show - Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens.  It is a beautiful place, even if it is a little out of the way.  However, I had hurt my back (again!) just prior to the show, so getting around was slow and steady.  Thankfully, my booth partner, Judy, was able to set up by herself on the Friday, which gave me an extra day to recover. 

We changed our booth somewhat - took away a few things, and added a few others.  We raised our tables up on bed risers, and took away anything that was too tall on the table.  We had a couple of incidents of theft, so we wanted to make sure we could see all the table all the time.

See our new black shallow risers?  I just love those - we built them ourselves (they fit inside each other for easy packing), painted them black, antiqued them and waxed them - they look so great.  We plan on adding to the set for the Spring show.

I would like to get rid of the white riser on the right, however that is where we
"hide" our cash box, extra bags,  receipt books etc.  Perhaps we could re-cover it with
a black or brown fabric - we'll have to think about that.

The sales were marginally better than in the Spring - just enough to keep me going back - lol!
Starting tomorrow it is back into the studio as I have lots of orders to complete.

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