Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Autumn is Here!

Although I may be wishing summer was still here, I love the Autumn colours.  This Virginia Creeper in our back garden is beginning to show its fall splendor.  In a few more weeks it will be blazing crimson.

I was out in the studio today, and made about twelve of my tree focal beads.  They are in the kiln, and will be out tomorrow morning.  Then comes the part I really don't enjoy - cleaning the bead release out.  I will try and get some pictures of them in the next couple of days.


Pretty Things said...

LOVE that! I also love wisteria on pergolas.

Hot Rocks said...

Beautiful photo of Autumn. Congrats on the new blog!

Jane Perala said...

Thank you ladies. The blog is still a work in progress, with lots to do to it yet. I just have to wait for my daughter to come over and help.