Tuesday, May 24, 2011

After the Show

This last weekend a friend and I did the Woodland Gardens "Art and Bloom" festival in Courtenay, B.C.  When we do shows together we call ourselves "Playing With Fire".  We had a great show, despite the inclement weather, and my booth partner actually had her best show ever!
The weather was quite miserable on Saturday and Sunday, and then on Monday (our May Day long weekend), the clouds finally broke and we had a bit of sun come through - so I quickly shot this photo of our booth. 
I find it very difficult to organize a booth for the outdoor shows that is going to be fairly wind proof, and also to give the two of us room at the back, and the customers room to get out of the rain if needed.
My friend hates to have her photo taken, so you can just make her out "hiding" behind the metal shelving - lol!

I wasn't able to get around too much (because my back is still quite bad) to take pictures of the gardens, so I am including pictures I took two years ago.  Things haven't changed too much, and this year everything is late coming out  because of all the cold weather we have had so there wasn't much in the way of flowers to photograph anyway.

Tomorrow I plan on getting out into my studio to get on with stocking my Etsy shop, and finishing up on some orders I have put off until after the show.

Have a great week everyone.


somethingunique said...

Hi Jane, sorry you had bad wheather i know how that can be beacause my main way of selling i have a least 8 booked for the summer. I feel bad you back is still not well that can really be a nuisance and that would be me for sure hiding form pic i hate my pic taken lol take care of yourself ttfn L:)

stacilouise said...

Your display looks great! Very light and pretty. Windproofing is always hard when it comes to jewelry displays!!!!

Hot Rocks said...

Glad to hear that you had a good show, despite the weather. Those pictures of the flowers and gardens are gorgeous! Nice display too.
Hope your back gets better soon.