Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Bling Squared"

When I was at the Saltspring Market yesterday, I met another lampwork artist couple.  They make the cutest little anime style beads you have ever seen.  I got their permission to post about them here, and I have "stolen" a few pictures for you to look at.  The name of their company is "Bling Squared", and here is a link to their web site and their Etsy store.  
Sorry, I still haven't figured out how to do the "tidier" link thingy.  My daughter keeps telling me how, but as soon as I get off the phone with her, I forget - lol.  I really must write it down.

If you are a fan of anime or just plain cute, you will love their work.

                                                  A little pair of owl earrings

A little penguin pendant.

A little puppy dog pendant.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


somethingunique said...

Hi Jane, how sweet of you to share these cute beads thanks ttfn Lana :)

somethingunique said...

Hey me again, it's so easy to change it if i can do it you can to, ok once you copy and paste the link click on the like a sentance will apear under the link and it says change, go to the very end of the origianl link and either hightlight and delete it or back space the whole thing, then type whatever you want it to say like "Here" or the persons name or "etsy shop" then click ok and your done let me know how it goes :) Lana

stacilouise said...

Those are great! I will have to check them out.