Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rainbow Dots

I'm just having fun making simple beads these days.  With summer now finally here, I just don't want to be in the studio as much.

My husband and I took off for the day to Saltspring Island, to their Saturday farmer's market.  WOW, what a fantastic market - lots of artisan breads, cookies, pies, cheeses, veggies, etc.  It also has an incredible amount of wonderful hand made items.  I spent LOTS of money!  One of the items I purchased is a really neat purse made from about 5 kinds of upholstery fabric.  This artist even makes her own slides for the strap out of copper, and her own wooden buttons.  My poor old purse is nearly ready for retirement, and I had been meaning to make a new one, but when I saw hers and the reasonable price, I just knew there was no way I was going to make my own!

I had also heard about a great quilting shop, so we walked around the village of Ganges until we found it, and it is indeed great - it's called Stitches.  I purchased some multicoloured yarns that I plan on making into pendant cords for some of my focal beads.  The colours made my mouth water - or no, maybe that was the cheese scone, or the saucer sized cookie, or the pot stickers, or perhaps the quiche or the huge blueberry tart filled with whipped cream.  We both ate non stop!!

Sorry, I don't have any pictures as I didn't want to take my big camera, and my smaller one was not charged up.  I am planning on going again later on in the summer, so I will remember to take the smaller camera then and get some pictures for you.


somethingunique said...

Hi Jane... i want those beads i hope they are still there..idk if you have been in Michaelas lately but i was yesterday and i wasn't tooo happy about waht i saw, i'll send u an e-mail
ttfn lana ;0

Copper Diem said...

dots AND rainbow!?!? I LOVE these. so cute!