Monday, January 9, 2012

New Beads, and camera crazies!

I love making these new disc posies, but photographing them is driving me crazy!!!  The black, pistachio, amber and ivory colours are all true.  However the brick red, pumpkin and rust are NOT!  The pumpkin has turned bright orange, the rust has gone brick red, and the brick red has gone brown.  I fiddled all morning with my photo editing program and couldn't make a bit of difference.  Maybe I better just stick to black and white - humph!

This colours in this Oceanside pendant focal have turned out just fine - love that aqua.

These beads will be in my Etsy shop later on today.

Thanks for looking.


Alice said...

Oh there you go tempting me with lovely beads again. I have so many that for 2012 I put myself on a bead diet until I use up what I have. Dang, you are making it difficult!

Have a wonderful week!

Jane Perala said...

Ha ha, thanks Alice. I did the same with glass - but I have already fallen off the wagon! I made a large order a couple of days ago. I love getting parcels in the mail. 8O)

EB (Evie and Beth) Photo Journal said...

Love those beads girl! I hear you about not being able to get true color pictures - so frustrating! Good luck!!!

Hot Rocks said...

Ooooooh...those are nice....even if the colors are wrong! Doesn't that drive you crazy?! I always love your starfish beads, I still have a pink one that I bought from you, that I am not ready to part with just yet!

Jane Perala said...

Thanks ladies!