Sunday, August 12, 2012

We had a parade!

Yesterday was the start of "Ladysmith Days".  Ladysmith is a small town just south of Nanaimo where I live, and my friend Judy and I decided to do the street market there which was on in conjunction with the parade and all the hoopla surrounding a small town celebration.
Well, we have discovered something very important this year, and not just at this Ladysmith Days market, we also discovered it at the Duncan Days (another town near where I live), and the local Nanaimo Canada Day celebration - and that is that it is not profitable at all to do a market/fair/show that is put on in conjunction with a "family" event.
We found that at all 3 events we were just another form of entertainment, and no one had any intention of parting with their hard earned money, unless of course you were selling either food or drink.   At all three events it wasn't just us, as I asked around to a variety of vendors, and the response was the same all over.
We made a few sales, but nowhere the amount of sales that we normally make at a market - so, lesson learnt!

Anyway I took a few photos of the parade - remember this is a very small town.
I didn't get photos of all the entries, and I missed the first part of the parade, where all the fire engines etc were coming through with their sirens going, because I had my fingers in my ears it was just soooo loud.

Our booth - we changed things around this time, after Judy had 3 of her
 bracelets stolen at the last market.

The local Legion marching band - yes there were more of them.

A flower shop entry.

Island Farms dairy entry.

The float for Island Farms.

Ladysmith Credit Union entry.

Part of The British Car Club entry

An MG Midget - I always wanted on of these!

The A&W float/truck, and this guy had a fantastic voice - and I think
he was actually doing the singing, not pretending to sing to a recording.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Alice said...

Sometimes it just works that way. I found I can't sell anything in my tiny little town because they all want something on the cheap. And in this economy they are keeping their wallets at home.