Monday, September 3, 2012

OMG - look what I bought!

Ever since I can remember I have wanted a little motorbike. I even remember wanting one with a side car for my daughter to ride in when she was young. I was always scared to get one and held back because my Dad (who was a surgeon) would always tell me awful tales of the number of people he had tried to sew back together after being in motorcycle accidents.

Well I am nearly 63 and figure it is about time! So now that my parents are both gone, and with my Dad's dire warnings in mind I have made a compromise and I have purchased an E-bike/scooter. It is basically a glorified electric bicycle with bits around it to make it look like a motorbike. It can only go a maximum speed of about 30k/h and has a range of about 30 - 40 kilometres depending on the terrain, weather, driver weight, etc. before it needs recharging. It also doesn't require a motorcycle license or even a drivers license, and best of all - no gas!!

My sister has purchased one too, and we both got burgundy coloured ones. I really wanted yellow or blue, but they were out of those - I think they are selling off the 2012 models, because the 2013 are coming in soon.

Our new electric scooters.
I am a little disappointed  with the lack of power for going up even the slightest incline, which is going to make going to the post office in the village a bit difficult - which is what I purchase it for.  Oh well, it will be good practise for when I get a gas powered one - maybe - lol.  I must say that even though it only goes 30 km/h, even at 20 km/h it seems like you are going waaaaaay tooooo fast!

So far we have only fallen off once each - and thankfully on grass.

Hope you all had a great long weekend.

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Hot Rocks said...

Ha ha...that sounds like a great way to get around...and perfect for Island weather!