Saturday, September 22, 2012

Painting Progress?

Well, we have put many more layers onto our canvases (see the last post).  Friday's lesson was to incorporate black and white into the paintings.  Then to go over some of the areas with translucent, but colourful paint.  I did the black and white today, and will tackle the translucent part tomorrow.

I am fairly pleased with this one so far.  I was definitely channelling our
 teacher, Flora Bowley with the branches and leaves.

This one is my lease favourite, I am really hoping the translucent
washes will help it out. 

This one is my favourite - perhaps because all the elements
came from "me".

I decided to do this one without any red or orange, but that
may change when I do the washes.

Stay tuned for the next painting instalment.

I can't go on the torch just now because I had surgery on my face to remove a basal cell carcinoma - and I don't think the heat from the torch would do my skin any favours right now.  I'm really glad I signed up for this 5 week painting course.


Bobbie Pene said...

They are just gorgeous! I love love love them. I think you are onto a good thing with painting :)

Cilla said...

My favorite is the last one. I just love the feel and colours of that one.Sorry to hear the news for the carcinoma but good is has been removed and hopefully no more.

Kam said...

Jane.....these are stunning! I can't pick a favorite!! Wow you are beads, to clay beads and now painting!! Well done.

Lori Anderson said...

OMG. i want to buy that first one so badly.

Jane Perala said...

Thanks everyone!
Sorry Lori, but it doesn't look like that anymore - lol. It was just one of the many layers that Flora had us put on our canvases. I probably should have left it like that, because it is definitely going through an "awkward teenager" phase right now!

Hot Rocks said...

I love them all!! So yummy! The green one is really pretty.

I hope you heal quickly from your surgery.