Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Silver tarnishing?

A friend of mine recently showed me a great way to help slow down the tarnishing on sterling silver jewellery pieces.  Since exposure to the air is what really makes our lovely silver pieces go all black, all we need to do is eliminate air - yeah, sure, right!!  Actually it is quite easy.
I purchased this sealing "thingy" at Home Hardware.  I am not sure where you could get it outside of Canada, but if you googled the brand name, I am sure it would show up somewhere.

Several bags and the pump come in this box.

The pump and one of the small bags.

 I put my silver jewellery pieces in the bag, closed it up, and then attached the pump and pumped out all the air.  The pieces seem to be tarnish free so far.
Extra bags in various sizes are available too.
Anyway, if it doesn't work for silver, you can always store freezable foods in it - lol!

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