Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Little Missy beads

These beads take a long time to make and are quite intensive, but I just love making them.  Here are a couple more for you to look at.  If anyone is interested, let me know - they are $40.00 each plus $2.50 shipping.  They will probably be going into my Etsy shop in the next few days.

This Little Miss looks so sweet in her "rosey" dress.
(Shhhh, don't tell her about her big "bustle".)
Approx. 49mm tall x 24mm wide.

Reverse side of above bead.

Little Miss in a spring garden.
Approx 46mm tall x 24mm wide.

Reverse side of above bead.
Thanks for looking!


Carol D. said...

Just love these girls! Have you ever checked your torch time on one of these? They do look intensive.

Jane Perala said...

Thanks Carol - yes, I have. They take me between 45 - 55 min each to make, not including getting the various stringers ready.

somethingunique said...

there just amazing...I love them...

Judy Turner said...

I would like tp purchase a little miss bead, but don't see one in your etsy shop. Please contact me if you have any available. Thank you.

Jane Perala said...

I just finished up at a three day show, so there isn't anything in the shop at the moment.
There will be more coming soon.