Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Show recap

My friend and I attended the annual Art in Bloom, Woodland Gardens, outdoor show in Comox, B.C., this past May Day long weekend.  We set up on the Friday, and the show was on Saturday, Sunday & Monday.  I always enjoy this show - the gardens are beautiful, however this year the weather was miserable.  Everyone was huddling in their tents on Saturday and Monday.  Sunday was lovely, and we had lots of people around.  Sales were definitely down - for everyone, but the upside of that is that I have lots of product to put in my studio and plenty for the next show.

I ended up changing the way I hung the pendants on the white riser, as
it looked too messy with the cords all criss crossed.  I am also going to have
change the copper "long chain pendants" hanger - I only sold two items from it.
Perhaps it is too high?

We ended up moving the flat black busts that are in the lower right side
of the picture.  We also moved a few of the other items around and
de-cluttered it a bit.

View from the short side.

We had our tables raised on bed risers, and Judy made new table drapes.
I love the new height!
I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour around our booth.

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