Monday, October 10, 2011

Copper Bails for Disc Type Beads

I have finally figured out how to hang disc type beads without them wobbling back and forth.  Thanks to the ladies who commented on a previous post, and got my brain thinking in the right direction.

This first picture shows the front of the finished piece.  The disc bead has been attached to the bail, and then I have slipped a rubber tubing neck cord through the hole/channel.  I have also made some smaller channeled ones that will be great for a finer leather cord that I have.

The second photo shows the back of the finished piece, and gives you an idea of how I attached the disc bead and the danglies.

The third and last photo shows the bails I made from sheet copper before being attached to the disc.  I think these will work perfectly with the poppy disc flowers that I made too.

Thank you to all of you who made me think outside the box to figure this out!

To all my Canadian followers - hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend.  I am cooking today's dinner/feast - ham, yam and potato bake, carrots from our garden, and sprouts in lemon sauce.  Dessert is baked apples from one of our trees with vanilla ice cream (of course).


Alice said...

Amazing idea! I'll have to remember that.

Hot Rocks said...

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend, Jane. Your dinner sounds yummy! We had a great time too. I love those bails...great way to suspend those disc pendants. Did you rivet them...or just wire the bail to the bead?

Jane Perala said...

Thanks ladies.
Susan, I just wired it on, made a little loop at the back and bent that down so I could attach the chain links that the dangles hang from. I am also ordering some thin tubing and going to see how the bead "cores" to the bail - sort of like the pandora type beads.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Jane and it looks so good too!!! You are so smart! Wishing you much success at your show!!

stacilouise said...

Ahhh- how clever of you! I love disc beads, one of my favorite shapes.