Monday, October 3, 2011

Two New Floral Glass Lampwork Beads

Two new florals for the Fraser Valley Bead show.  The first one is a Sunflower on a base of Reichenbach Antique Green - a very expensive glass, with not much to show for itself.  I like it, but not at the price they are asking - it has what looks like minute bubbles and a sparkle of some sort inside.  Pretty, but I think I will just stick with a pale green Effetre glass next time.

The second flower I can't remember the name of - someone help me.  For some reason I keep wanting to call it an Echinacea flower?


la mar de bonita said...

Oh, I love your flowers! They look so authentic, you like to pick them! And Echinacea looks like your second one!
Greetings from Austria, Michi

Cillaw said...


Jane Perala said...

Yes, Echinacea is the correct name, but I think the "common" name for it is "purple coneflower". That's the name that I have a hard time remembering for some reason.