Sunday, October 2, 2011

"A Frosty Morning" Lampwork Tree Bead

It won't be long before it looks like this outside in the morning - brrrrr!!!  I'm making a few of these to add to the collection of tree beads that I will be taking to the Fraser Valley Bead Show on October 21 -23.

My daughter - the computer techie - said I had to make my titles a little more "search" friendly.  So that is why I didn't just title this post "A Frosty Morning". She told me that if people were searching for glass tree beads they certainly wouldn't find it the way I had wanted to title it.  Actually to be honest, she didn't say anything about this post, but she made comments about my previous posts.  She looks after me - it's great!


Daniela Ellenberger said...

Gorgeous, but i'm not ready yet for
frosty mornings, as we still have 25degrees at daytime.
Greetings, Daniela

Hot Rocks said...

An amazing bead, Jane! I love the title Frosty Morning....although I am in no rush to experience one! :)

Courtney said...

Really stunning! I love the name.

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Aren't daughters awesome :) Love that bead girl and I am also so not ready for cold mornings! Have a good one!

Janie said...

Now that is a beautiful tree of life! Love the translucent background.

Jane Perala said...

Thanks very much everyone - we had our first frost a couple of nights ago.
I think these beads are going to be my new favourites.