Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Show

The cup is actually empty - it didn't take long for me to swig that down!
After 4 days of sitting, standing, writing, wrapping, counting change, etc I thought I deserved a treat - my face feels numb from all that smiling.  A Starbuck's Caramel Machiatto was just what I needed!

The show was a great success, and we had more people through our little space than last year, and my sales were up about 30% - yippee!!!

Here are some photos of our set up.

Part of my set up - we took the doors off the hutch top, and I think I will paint it
sometime before next year - maybe an off white.

Part of my set up.

My friend Vicki's Herb Garden Pottery.

My friend Judy's display of vintage cutlery jewellery.
I am so very glad that I don't have any other shows this year, and I think I may just stick to the one Christmas show.  Perhaps do a couple of other shows throughout the year, one in spring and one in the fall.

Bye for now!

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Hot Rocks said...

Glad you had a super sale! My sales were double from last year....so it seems as though people are spending more this year, which is good for us! I agree one show at this time of year is plenty, but I am doing 2. At leastthe next one is only a one day show. My daughter is doing her first show this year inParksville at Kris Kringle. She does all kinds of shabby chic up cycled wood furniture and accessories, so if you are up that way this weekend, look out for her!