Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cool Earth glass

When Effetre first came out with the colour "Cool Earth" #688, I was a bit underwhelmed - I thought "eh", I'm not really crazy about it.  Well, that has now changed - I love it!  A few days ago I was still on my organics, and keep it simple kick, and grabbed a rod of Cool Earth. I am really pleased how they turned out.  A lot of people have been asking me for denim, navy, or dark blue beads - I think these will fit the bill perfectly.  I also really like the little bit of green peeking through the blue.

Effetre Cool Earth pendants.

Here's how I did it.   I made a barrel shape with the Cool Earth, wrapped an irregular shaped strip of silver foil around it, burnished it in, outlined the edges of the silver foil in SIS.  Then I melted in the silver and wrapped a line of dark ivory stringer around it - twice, added a tiny bit of Intense Black on top of the ivory (hair fine stringer), and heated the heck out of it.  Then reshaped the barrel and pressed it with my mashers.  I fire polished out the chill marks and gave it a blast of propane to reduce the silver foil - and popped them in the kiln to anneal.  It is hard to see the shine of the silver foil in the photo, but it is quite sparkly in real life.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by any new glasses lately?


Narrative jewelry said...

Oh la la, they are really beautiful Jane !
Cool earth seems to be a lovely colour in fact. No rods for the moment in my studio. Need some !
Thanks for your explanations on your way to work silver on your beads.

Hugs from France,

rosebud101 said...

Beautiful beads, Jane!!!!