Monday, June 17, 2013

Update on Heather Trimlett's 40 Bead challenge

I have only managed to make 10 so far in the 40 bead challenge. ( I blogged a couple of days ago about this challenge).  My back has been playing up and giving me grief, so my days have been spent with a hot pack, Ibuprophen and a book instead of glass, mandrels and a torch.  Hopefully today I will be able make some headway on the rest of the beads.

Here is a photo of what I have done so far.  I love the way the apricot yellow has struck orange on some beads and stayed yellow on others - and some have both colours.  I think this is one of my favourite summer colour combos.

Apricot Yellow and Light Turquoise.

Thanks for stopping in for a look!


Daniela Ellenberger said...

Beautiful beads, and i love the Colors.
I hope you feel better soon!

Jane Perala said...

Thanks Daniela!

Alice said...

I love the fun summer colors on these beads!!!

I hope you feel better very soon!!!

Jane Perala said...

Thank you Alice - my back is improving, slowly but surely!