Sunday, February 13, 2011

Frit Samplers

In the previous post I mentioned about doing some testing for Frit Diva.  I have tested a few of the frits and the results are in the pictures below.  I did mostly rounds to start, just to see how they "play", and will probably go from there and incorporate the frits in my regular designs.

Inspiration frit from Frit Diva on a base of Moretti white with sis at the ends.

 Marlene's Muse frit from Frit Diva on a base of Moretti white, with sis at the ends.

Van Gogh Irises on a base of Moretti white, applied to raised spiral, melted in and twirled in several spots with transparent aqua stringer, silver glass dots applied and reduced. 
I have a few more that came out of the kiln yesterday, so will get those cleaned and photographed today and then posted here.  Have a great Sunday!


Narrative jewelry said...

Beautiful ! The colours look great. May i ask a question about your round beads, do you use a mold ?

Jane Perala said...

Thank you! I use a bead roller from CG Beads - I love her beadrollers, they are a real help with many shapes.