Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thinking of Spring

Everytime I get a bit down I take out spring or summer glass colours, and make some thing uplifting.  I am really happy with these two new sets.  The glass is a CIM (Creation if Messy) glass from quite some time ago, called Peacock.  It is one of their "unique" colours, which means it is a one off.  I had completely forgotten about it, and I love this almost translucent glass, and think I will make a couple more sets.  The more you work it, the cloudier it gets - really neat!

Cornflower Fields

Spring is Coming!

These sets can be found in my Etsy shop - thanks for looking!


Hot Rocks said...

I love your Spring beads...such a fresh pretty shade!

Diane said...

Found you by accident over at Hot Rocks blog. I love your work!
I will be back to visit again.
Hugs, Diane

Riki Schumacher said...

Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment, glad you found me. Your glass is amazing, love it so much! You're kind of a neighbor, I'm in the San Juans for the summers. I'll wave. Take care, Riki

Jane Perala said...

Thank you ladies, your comments are very much appreciated!