Friday, April 5, 2013

New Beads & Felted Pieces

Misty Cedars - Side 1

Misty Cedars - Side 2
A couple of these beads are for orders, and the other I will either put in my Etsy or will set it aside for a show in May.

I don't seem to be getting very much time in the glass studio - I think I must be taking this "semi-retired" to heart!  Between day trips here and there, and a day or two in the basement felting, it doesn't leave a whole lot of time in the week for torching.  Don't worry, I have no intention of quitting - I love it too much.

Below are a few pictures of the felted pieces that have been taking up my precious torching time.  I think one of the reasons it takes so much time, is that I am still learning, and that always takes so much longer to do anything.  Felting isn't 2nd nature yet, and everything has to be planned and thought out thoroughly before I tackle a project.

A black sack style purse I made for myself - wet felted.  It is lined and has an internal
pocket.  I still have to put some sort of closure/clasp on it.  I felted the
front piece and then separately felted the black part.  I then sewed up
the black into a purse, sewed on the front decorative panel, lined it and
put the handle on.

Side 1 of a VERY bright small sack style purse - wet felted.  I have yet to line it and
put the handle and closure on.  Unfortunately, when I was cleaning up my craft
 area earlier this year, I gave away all my fabric stash (not sure what came over
me|).  Anyway, now I have to go fabric hunting for suitable pieces for lining these
purses.  It's a tough job! LOL.

Side 2 of above purse.

This is a small decorative panel that will be made up similar to the black purse above.
I hope you all have a great weekend!


somethingunique said...

A gal of many talents ... Love the bags and those beads with the trees... Amazing details .... Please never quit <3

Doris Stumpf said...

your beads are great! ;-) Hugs, Doris

Cilla said...

Love everything!! Do you have a price point for the pink one? I am thinking of it for a gift. I will be in your neck of the woods in mid May for a few days. Will your bead show be on the island? Let me know! Thanks

Jane Perala said...

Thanks for your lovely comments everyone.
Cilla, I'm not ready to sell the felted pieces yet - sorry. Maybe by the time my show in May comes around. It is on the May Day long weekend at the Kitty Coleman Gardens in Comox. May 18, 18 & 20.